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Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to you for simply taking the time to check out my page. Your interest as a potential Patron is quite humbling for me as a creator and I am honoured that you have considered supporting my efforts here at TheTerrainStudio in creating wargaming terrain

As a creator I am motivated by the interest and passion that others show towards my creations, in essence you fuel my efforts and for that I am eternally grateful. I have always been a supporter of the wargaming community and my efforts and contribution to date have been a reflection of my passion and eagerness to contribute to the growth of the terrain making hobby. I view the Patreon platform as an extension of my efforts to contribute and I look forward to providing content to those Patrons who have so kindly demonstrate their generosity through personal pledges of support.

Shawn Morris

Below you will find some preview videos of the exclusive content you will receive when becoming a patron: