Welcome to The Legion Academy Blog!

We are aiming to make this website a multipurpose tool for many of your Star Wars Legion needs. We hope that everyone, from the casual fan to the hardcore competitive player, can find something useful on our site. Here is a breakdown of the purpose of each section:

Tech Talk

We have broken our tech talk section into two main categories – Mechanics and Unit Analysis.

The Mechanics section will focus on interesting uses of different keywords, unit abilities, synergies, and interesting tactics. For example, our first article contains information on how Guardian works and interesting uses of it.

The Unit Analysis will focus on breaking down the specifics of individual units. This information will include what upgrades are possible and what we feel is worth taking. We will explore each unit’s mathematical efficiencies and talk about some interesting synergies that will develop with other units in your list. We will also update these articles regularly as new units come out.

Terrain Tutorials

In this section you will find tutorials on both scratch building and 3D printing terrain. Shawn Morris of the Terrain Studio will be creating videos showing the different techniques that he uses to create terrain for Fantasy Flight Games and more. The goal is to show both new and experienced terrain makers that anyone can do this, and you won’t even need to spend a lot of money to create amazing Star Wars Legion terrain.


Our community section will highlight both our podcast audience and our local community. Here you will find information on the giveaways that we do regularly on the podcast. We have already given away a box of death troopers and a set of Darth Vader alt art command and unit cards. Our next giveaway will be happening very shortly and will be Rebel focused.

We also highlight the 312th Legion, the local Chicago community that both John and I are a part of. We are extremely proud of our team and will be showcasing their many talents and tournament successes in that section.

Thanks for checking out our site!

-Joe DePinto